Monday, February 2, 2009

When to plant Gladiolas

Mr. Husband, Mom-in-Law and I went to the South Eastern Garden show this past Saturday and it was fabulous as usual. I'm totally ready to garden. I saw a good deal on gladiola bulbs at Lowes and brought those home.

I already had tulips and since Mom-In-Law bought us this awesome auger (that's it's name actually) we had no excuse here in Georgia to start planting bulbs. Let me say, Mr. Husband and I love the auger. It makes such quick work of planting.

As for when to plant the Glads... I was wondering that so I came up to the ol' computer and did some research. As soon as the ground can be worked. So I went ahead and planted a row of five. I'll do another row in 10 days, and so on. Constant blooms.

Thanks to this website for the info on Glads... if you've got Glad questions, check it out.

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