Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Garden Journal 2/18/09

I did a little seed starting today. This past weekend I purchased a portable greenhouse, it's taken refuge in a corner of my kitchen near a bright window, above a heating grate. Since I did so much kitchen organizing yesterday, today it was the plants turn. I planted the last of my tulip bulbs in a few springish containers... I'll be sure to do this prior to, oh, February next year. Time just passed me by. I also can't wait to divide my bulbs. I'm getting so many since they've been in the ground about 3 years I think. See, this is why I need a journal. :)

So what did I plant today?

A mystery seed... it fell out of the seed packet into the container, but I think it may be Rock something or other. Rock Cress I think.
moss rose
sweet peas
black eyed susan
snap dragon
and grourds

I also found a great article on how to bring my poinsettias back for this Christmas, so I trimmed those back, watered a bit, and put them in the greenhouse.

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