Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Habits that Make You Sick

Before Thanksgiving I battled back a cold. After Thanksgiving, I caught the cold. A week later, a mean virus snuck in and beat me down. I spent Wed. morning in the emergency room because I couldn't walk or sit up, I was so dizzy. It's terrifying to wake up, be hit with dizziness and nausea, be unable to walk to the bathroom so you have to crawl instead. I still fell over.

This got me wondering how to keep my house just a little cleaner and a little more germ free during these winter months. Remember last year I was in bed the first two weeks of December with an awful cold and a bit of flu.

I came across an article on WebMD that I thought was worth mentioning.

6 Daily Habits That May Make You Sick

It's a quick read, and totally worth the time.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pretty Little Ornament

Here's a new pretty I got at Pikes Nursery this year. Such a pretty olive green, with a hint of gold and sparklys too. The shape was what attracted me.

- alice