Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year, New You Challenge

Thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday and commented on my wordless Wednesday photo. I loved that place, those sunrises. If I could live there, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

I have a challenge for everyone. It's rather easy. A few times a year my desktop (on my computer) gets so cluttered with icons that it starts to drive me crazy. Since I always use the start button, there's really no need for me to have a billion icons on the desktop. So the challenge is... clean off, organize, and sort your icons on your desktop.

I have a few folders for things that I've saved to the desktop in the past that I'm not ready to get rid of yet. Like programs, documents, backups, etc. And then I have a select few icons that I do use.

Everything else must go. Or be organized into an appropriate folder. Then the remaining icons get organized by type, or however you want to do it.

Have fun. Be organized.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Taken in the white mountains, January 27, 2007

The birds are going ice skating...

I think I mentioned the new bird bath we got this past weekend. I didn't get a heater because I didn't think it freezes that much here in the south. The thermometer made a liar out of me today. :) 20 whole degrees. Brrrr.

Needless to say my birds are ice skating this morning. Hopefully it'll thaw quick. I suppose I could pour some warm water on top to speed things up.

I read something interesting the other day, now I feel like I need to look into it a little more. Birds (or some birds - need to find out which ones) eat dirt. Evidentially small dirt particles help them digest food. Weird huh?

Is it cold where you are?