Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A welcoming doorway

I haven't had a chance to post any pictures from the flower show yet. We'd lost Pumpkin the day before, so it was hard to enjoy all the flowers. But I have something new to share with everyone...

A year or so ago we bought a new door lock kit for the front door and we put it up this weekend...nothing like procrastination. It looks fabulous. Now I need to repaint the rest of the door to look as fabulous.

Now this, this is not my front door. It is very inspirational though. It's got color and height. Texture.


Susie over at Bienvenue is talking about doors as well, well, first impressions and don't you think doors create first impressions.

How is your front door looking? Does it need a new coat of paint? A wreath? A new doormat? Speaking of, is the doormat centered? I just think a centered doormat makes everything look tidy, but doormats have a way of sliding around on my porch...

Here's another door for inspiration:


If you'd like to take a pic of your front door, I'd love to see it.

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