Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Growing Potatoes

Mr. Husband and I had great success growing sweet potatoes last year so this year we have our sights set on regular potatoes. We can't wait!

As normal, I'm doing research to make sure everything goes smoothly and I thought I'd share a page that I found with plenty of info about growing potatoes.

It says potatoes like acidic soil (below a ph of 7) and I wanted a refresher on how to make my soil acidic. I found a whole page of ideas including mixing pine straw with the soil, using coffee grounds, or an acidic fertilizer. This afternoon will be a great time to take stock of what I have in my basement.

And as a side note, I found a neat video on how to plant shallots. I haven't had much...okay, any, luck with growing my own onions, so you can bet that you'll be seeing lots of tips around here about that.

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