Monday, February 23, 2009

February's Word of the month: PLAN

As in Plan Ahead, Plan for Today, Plan for Tomorrow, Game Plan...

Up until a year ago I was one of those people who bounced (okay, crawled) out of bed and was off to do whatever needed doing. Unless...there was an important event that needed planning. Then I was all lists, calendars, schedules, notes, etc. But my day to day life was less structured and most of the time I didn't plan ahead, didn't prepare for things.

But then I got tired of showing up to family events without my camera or having forgotten to bring a card. So I started planning a head, just a little for those type things. What would I wear? Do I need to clean anything? Where is that great pair of shoes? Do I need to bring anything? Etc. My goal was to be one of those women that is so completely together. You know the one. Perfect hair, trimmed nails, nice outfit, on time with a smile and her camera in her purse. Yeah, I wanted to be her.

I'm not sure if I am her yet. But I sure am trying.

So this month's word is Plan. Plan for tomorrow, plan for today, plan for the unknown. Prepare yourself. Get ready early. If there are things you can plan ahead of time do it.

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