Monday, February 16, 2009

Loss and Blog Apathy

A little over two weeks ago my cat Pumpkin was run over behind our house. We always knew the road was there. We debated heavily on getting a fence. Since our animals never went back that far, and our backyard is all trees, we were leaning against not getting one. This was my garden kitty, as I call her. But now I see she was so much more. Out of our three kitties, she was the cuddliest. She was my first kitty. She was my buddy. She loved being outside with me, or inside, on my lap.

To say I'm devastated is putting it mildly. I'm amazed how much one can love 12 pounds of fuzz. I'm also amazed that having two other kitties has not helped this painful transition at all. The two of them together come no where close to filling Pumpkins paws. They're shy and not as cuddly. They have their moments. And they're very endearing... but they're just not Pumpkin.

I haven't felt like doing much of anything that reminded me of pumpkin... and gardening and organizing remind me of her. Because she was always there to lend a paw... even if it was just to act as a paper weight. :)

But my pantry desperately needs organizing, so I guess I have two new recruits to train. :) Stay tuned for pictures. I need to share the South Eastern Flower Show photos with you...


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