Monday, January 12, 2009

Organizing Tip: Earrings

A few years ago my mom gave me a big jewelry box. We're talking one with lots of drawers, a mirror, wings, and legs. It's pretty tall. And I love it. I love having all my jewelry organized.

But I have a bad habit of taking of my earrings wherever my ears start to hurt. Which is usually in bed while I'm reading, after I've gotta all snuggled in. Yes, I usually forget to take my jewelry off before getting into bed. And you know, once I'm all snuggled into a warm bed, only a fire or a sick pet could get me out.

So I take the earrings out and put them in my nightstand so they don't get lost. I've learned to embrace my quirks.

Which is why when I was organizing the other day and found an old, small jewelry box, I stuck it in my night stand to hold the jewelry that I tuck away in there. I've found that once it's full I can just take it back to the big box and put things away.

Lazy? Yes. Organized? Yes. Work for me? Yep.

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