Sunday, January 11, 2009

Home & Life goals

It's goal time here at A Walk in the Garden and boy do I have lots of them. I talked before about my blog goals for 2009, but today I'm talking a little more about Home & Life goals.

In the last year or so I've been really concentrating on quality. Quality furniture, rather than disposable good for now furniture. Substance. And making our house a home. A home to me is a warm cozy place with softly glowing lamps, soft rugs, plush cushions, and snuggly blankets. It's clutter free and is full of favorite accessories, memories and pictures. It's the little things. The finishing touches. The pleasant smell in each room. It's the warm smile after a long day. It's a pot of coffee in the morning. It's afternoon sunlight filtering through the windows or a brand new day at dawn's first light. It's organized and serene. It's a safe haven from the world. A home is taken care of just as it takes care of you.

I have plenty of goals and resolutions for 2009. Resolutions follow me all year long. Things like being punctual, smiling more, commenting on others blogs. Goals, however, I've broken down monthly. I think having a deadline will help.

I haven't decided the difference between goals and to do lists yet. So for now, I just write things down that need to get done, feelings I want to achieve, things I want to accomplish.

So for January a few of my goals include:
* take down Christmas decorations
* decorate for Valentine's Day/Winter
* update the family address book (we use Highrise HQ)
* get rid of an old couch we never use
* sell our secondary car that we never use
* have friends over for a nice dinner
* reorganize master closet

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Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Great list of goals, it really does help to write them down, doesn't it!

Happy night (PS. I just posted a new Mr. Linky for Friday)