Monday, December 31, 2007

Want snow, will settle for rain...

As you may have heard the south east, at least parts of it, are in a severe drought. And while I love, Love, LOVE snow... I'll settle for rain. And plenty of it. I never thought I'd be so happy to see it rain. It's such a cleansing thing. Like the whole world is getting a shower. :)

We've gotten around 2 inches in the past week and that's such a Godsend. It rained on Thanksgiving and I cheered. It rained on Christmas and I was so happy. Yesterday it rained all day and the birds continued to eat from the feeders, delighting in the rain. I almost wanted to remind them to scrub behind their ears. LOL That's how delirious I am with the rain. And yes, I know that birds don't have ears to wash behind. :)

If you have a spare minute, pray that the south east gets some much needed rain this winter. I'm sure God is tired of hearing me ask for the same thing every single day. *g*

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