Wednesday, December 12, 2007


from BlogHer -

1.Real tree or artificial or treeless? Any special traditions with the tree?

3 artificial and hopefully one real. I love, love, love real trees. Love the smell, the shopping, everything. But we have a TALL living room and anything under 10 feet looks really silly. So when MIL gave us her gorgeous giant tree, we accepted. It takes 4 hours to put it together. But once decorated, it's incredible. I still miss the smell though.

2. Eggnog or Cider or Mulled Wine?

Ugh, none of the above? How about hot chocolate with fresh whipped cream, chocolate syrup and crushed peppermint on top?

3. Spiritual or Secular celebration?


4. Favorite Christmas music?

Transiberian Orchestra

5. One special holiday memory.

Getting engaged 2 days before Christmas. ;)

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forgetfulone said...

I got engaged 2 weeks before Christmas!