Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Cards

I used to handmake all my Christmas cards. First I'd design the card, reverse it, copy it onto a linoblock, carve it, ink it up and print each card individually. I hand stamped a special message on the inside and I did this for my mom's cards as well. So each year I'd make two different sets of Christmas cards. At some point, I stopped. Now we're doing store bought cards and it doesn't feel the same, so now I try to put a more personal message in each. Last year we wrote up a "newsletter" and this year we're including a photo.

I think the important thing is not how you make the card or what you include with it, it's the sentiment of the card and what you write. To me, a personal little note is the best!

I've been wandering around the net looking at how others are doing Christmas cards this year. Some seem to be boycotting the idea. Others are embracing it, tailoring it to fit their life and family. I encourage everyone to take a few moments and send a heartfelt sincere card this year. Even one will brighten one person's day. And that's worth the minute or two it takes you to write it.

A Christmas Postcard
Organizing your Christmas Card Writing

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