Monday, December 31, 2007

Lots to share...

Hope everyone had a happy holiday. Ours was relaxing! We got some great goodies. Our kitchen is a little more decked out thanks to a shiny new food processor, cool tools like a lime and lemon juicer, a garlic peeler, and a gorgeous new pan from Emerile's line (thanks mom!).

My birds are also eating in style. At least the little yellow finches are... thanks to a special new feeder just for them. Last night DH and I purchased a bird bath for the back deck. I've been wanting one for ages and I think we've found just the one. It clips to the edge of the deck and has a shallow end, a deep end, and a place to put a dripper. Not to mention the bottom is textured. These are all things that the bird magazine I recently read said a bird bath should have.

I'm so excited!

I've got lots of new "notes to self" and recipes to share.

How was your holiday? What did you get?

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