Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Power of Thanks

Yesterday we discussed habits and I shared a few of mine. I have a new one to start.

I heard an author on a local radio show discussing her new book. The summary is that being thankful and saying thank you can really help you out in life. By being thankful you're seeing the positive things that happen to you.

Here's some info about the book, but whether or not you (or I) decide to read it, I think the message is powerful. Not just now because Thanksgiving is right around the corner (I have 2 turkeys in my freezer to prove it!) but all year long. I just feel better when I look at the positive side of things. There's too much negativity in the world.

"Thank You. Can such small words hold life changing power? Yes!

Deborah Norville's groundbreaking and persuasive book argues that gratitude is the secret key to unlocking your full life potential. Rooted in science, presented from a spiritual perspective, Thank You Power details the surprising life improvements that can stem from the practice of gratitude.

Norville brings together for the first time the behavioral and psychological research that prove what people of faith have long known: giving thanks brings life blessings. Beginning with those two small words, thank you, Norville shows how you can be happier and more resilient, have better relationships, improved health, and less stress.

The list of benefits is long. You'll exercise more, be more creative, bounce back more quickly from adversity, have a higher immune response, live longer, be better liked by others, and have more creativity in solving problems. Each of these outcomes is backed up by published research. The key? Gratitude.

Ever heard the one about being able to catch more flies with honey than vinegar? If you want to eliminate many of the negatives of daily stress and better deal with the realities of your day, then read on. Deborah Norville may have found the real secret to happiness. You'll find the answer inside.
--Dr. Mehmet Oz, Vice Chairman and Professor of Surgery, Columbia University; and Author, You Series"

More info about the book

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