Tuesday, November 20, 2007

2 Minute Organizing Challenge

Sometimes the smallest things make me feel better. Like having a small space be organized. As we use things, the tend to get a little disheveled. So it's good to take a few minutes every day to tidy things back up.

For instance, I have a cleaning tote that I carry around with me while I'm cleaning. Inevitably it gets disorganized b/c while I'm cleaning, I don't bother to put things back in an orderly fashion. I probably should. But why? I'm just going to pull out the Comet again in the next bathroom.

So I take 2 minutes (usually less) to reorganize the tote, line up the bottles, straighten the sponges... and a small piece of my world has righted itself.

What else can you organize in two minutes?

Make sure it's something that's supposed to be organized (as in, you've gone through a purge, sort, organize phase already).

* nightstand
* kitchen drawer
* utility / junk drawer
* cleaning supplies
* laundry room
* a drawer or basket in an entry table or living room
* DVD or CD collection
* your desk or maybe a portion of it
* your bathtub / shower (remember to combine & toss to keep your bottles to a minimum)

What else can you tidy in 2 minutes or less?

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