Friday, November 16, 2007

Letting Go...

I come from a long line of folks who "keep stuff" and "buy stuff." Attics and basements fill up quickly. As do closets. Sometimes it's just hard to let stuff go. You might need it some day, you say. You like the memories that object embodies.

I hate the feeling of clutter. I hate the look of clutter. Visual clutter is what I call it.

I hate it so much that I went with the simplest centerpiece possible for the tables at my wedding. Roses. That's it. Just roses. No filler. No leafy towering fluff balls. Just spherical glass vases filled to the brim with a single color of roses. It was gorgeous.

Now I'm trying to decide on a centerpiece for thanksgiving. I see plenty I like. But I keep coming back to something really simple. So simple it's elegant. And dressy while being casual. What's the idea? A pedestal of apples.

We'll see if that's what I decide on ultimately.

How do you let go of things?

Here's one tip that I've discovered.

Start with the trash. There's probably something in your room, wherever you are, that qualifies. Maybe it's a gum wrapper you just opened, or a box you just emptied. Perhaps it's an item surrounded by packaging. Maybe it's a leaf on the floor. Start with the trash. Get it out of your space. Throw things away.

It's cleansing. I promise.

Once you've gotten rid of trash, look for things to donate.

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