Monday, July 27, 2009

Corner of a Kitchen

Thought I'd show off a corner of my kitchen. The straw holder used to be hot pink. I gave it a makeover with a special spray paint in a dark brass/bronze color. It looks like hammered metal. Not bad for a $1 purchase from Big Lots ages ago, huh? The clear tube is actually plastic, but you can't tell unless you squeeze it.

The little church inspired birdhouse is actually a little vase. Perfect for one summer flower, don't you think. I think this was a whopping $.69 at my local "junk" store.

And the little Rosemary sign I got at a great little flower nursery over in Birmingham, Alabama. I can't really hang it in a green kitchen, otherwise you can't see the Rosemary. LOL

So this is a quick reminder that it doesn't have to be expensive or perfect to incorporate into your home. You just a) have to love it, and b) be willing to change it up a bit. Spray paint is your friend.

Have a fun project you recently completed? I'd love to see it.
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