Wednesday, March 11, 2009

yesterday's progress

Yesterday's High: 80 (In March. First day of march = snow)

I divided several liriopes...whew, what a job! Transplanted them.

Divided my sedum into four new mounds.

Divided two of my day lillies that were too clustered together.

Planted two new roses, Climbing Peace and Climbing American.... poetic, don't you think?

Extended the bed that the roses are in.

Raked leaves and in general, weeded things as I went along.

On the 9th, I started a whole bunch of seeds, yelllow & roma tomatoes, impatiens, thyme, and whole bunch more.

I'm waiting for my other seeds to hit a growth spurt. It seems like they've all been the same size for a week now.

I have a few that are already spending afternoons outside getting ready to go into the cold frame.

Have also been organizing the garage, since the garage sale. And I've got my eye on the tool room in the basement....and my craft room of course.

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