Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Quick & Easy Tips for a Spring Ready Porch

Spring is here in Atlanta. The sun is out again. Temp in the low 70s today. Sorry for all of you who have snow to deal with.

The warm temps are tempting me outside and I'm looking at my porch and deck thinking "hmm, it's time for a makeover." Whether or not a make over is in your budget, here are a few tips to tidy up your space and get it ready for warmer weather.

#1 Get rid of trash.

If there are pots of dead plants, wrappers, coke cans, plant labels and other assorted trash on your porch, grab a trashbag and clean it up.

#2 Clean up dead vegetation.

If you have dead or dying plants, or just something that needs a trim, now's the time. Empty pots into your compost pile (or the trashcan.) And get your snips out and trim up any plants that need trimming.

#3 Declutter

What's cluttering up your space? Forgotten decorations? Extra pots? It's time to declutter. A clutter free porch looks so much better. So clear it off.

#4 Sweep

Sweep the walls and the floor. Dust off tables, chairs, and other surfaces.

#5 Add a decoration or two.

Now's the time to add a colorful, Spring inspired decoration or two. Pillows, bows, wreaths are all great options. Don't be afraid to switch out pillows, add a matching throw and/or tablecloth to give your space a little sparkle. Use old frames to create instant artwork.

#6 Add a Spring plant.

Tulips are great. So are daffodils and crocus. Even a boxwood would do. Create a focal point with a colorful arrangement.

#7 Make doors & windows sparkle

Take a damp cloth (a window cleaner may be necessary) and wipe down windows and doors to get rid of winter dust.

#8 Make a list.

Make a list of things that need fixing or painting. Perhaps the door could use a new coat of paint or you need to fix a shutter. Make your list as you're tidying your porch so you'll have it later.

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