Friday, September 19, 2008

Pre-weekend Organizing

I thought I'd show off my entry closet since I was so taken with this one over here.

On the top shelf I have two "bushel baskets" that store hats & gloves. They have a touch of Autumn decoration. :) And now they just need cute labels.

Hats & Gloves... with a little Autumn touch

Below that are jackets, a hanging shoe rack for my nicer shoes, and below that a shoe rack (from walmart, it's gorgeous dark wood) for everyday shoes.

More shoes

Jackets, Hats & Shoes, oh my

And on the closet door I have another shoe hangy thing, but this one stores scarves, doggy leashes, flashlights, etc. You can see more Autumn peeking out behind the door. :)

Scarves & things


Blissful Nikki said...

I just did this too and I feel so much better with a clean closet! :)

AliceAnderson said...

I agree 100%. I'm working on my Master Closet... much bigger, so much more work. :)

Thanks for stopping by.