Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Fine Art of Letter Writing

I inherited a new piece of furniture this weekend. I'll post a picture later this week.

It's a secretary style desk and I've put it in our library. I'm so happy to finally a) have a "letter writing desk" and b) have a desk in the library. And the best part is, I can close it up so all my "stuff" is out of sight.

That said, I decided to see what online resources there are for letter writing and organizing your letter writing supplies. I have great intentions to write more snail mail. Not just birthdays and Christmas, but thank yous, thinking of yous, sympathy, and just because.

All too often I wait until the last minute and an ecard gets sent.

The sad truth is I have a card & special occasion organizer that I made to solve this very problem. I have a sheet protector for each month and a page printed with the numbers of that month. Anniversaries and Birthdays are written out. If I find a card for that person I put it in the sleeve with a Post it attached with a note of who the card is for.

Simple, huh? Yeah... not so much. Remembering to fill the card out, and actually sending seems to be a problem too.

So I'm working on another method to cure this madness. Write out all cards for that month on the first day of the month. If the card gets there a little early, well it's better than not at all...

This article explains how to create a letter writing "kit."

This post talks about keeping in touch and having a place for your stationary.

And this one discusses writing the perfect Christmas Letter. We've done it before and every year I think we should. So get an early start on it this year. I'm planning to start jotting down notes about important events from this year soon.

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