Thursday, September 11, 2008


from who knows where. Been super busy this year. And rather uninspired... until recently.

Moved my "craft closet" to the basement storage room. Revamped the storage room and now have a "craft room." Still in progress. Still being organized and sorted, oh my. But... I'm so excited. I've already been completing projects I've been "meaning to get to" for...ever! Like the scarecrow who's hat was falling off.... Hot glue gun located, plugged in, and that sucker was fixed. Talk about excited!

And I'm looking forward to Autumn and all sorts of projects, organizing, etc. I've been finding all sorts of wonderful blogs lately. And I really need to link them up so I don't lose them.

A couple of projects I've got my eye on...

* repainting the front door
* adding a new lock and handle to the front door
* getting the house pressure washed
* painting the front porch
* decorating the porch/deck for Autumn
* and making these adorable wreaths!

Instructions here

And this one...

More Information

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