Friday, December 26, 2008

What to do with tissue paper

It's about this time each year when I look around and wonder what to do with the wrapping paper, boxes, and bags. Boxes and bags are usually recycled (as in stored and used next year). And wrapping paper, we ball it up, shoot hoops into the which point it fills up a landfill.

Thinking of being Green this year made me wonder if there isn't something else I can do with the tissue paper that's used to fill boxes and bags.

Turns out there is. I can put it in my compost heap. This is great news as my family loves bags and every box has tissue paper in it as well.

I'll probably tear it into strips and layer it in with other stuff from the kitchen and yard scraps. I'm actually excited to see how the compost turns out and equally excited to be recycling wrapping waste.

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