Monday, December 29, 2008

Green Wrapping

I'm still thinking of ways to be green in the coming year, especially next Christmas.

Instead of wrapping paper, I'm thinking of using newspaper. Black and white, with a minimum of pictures would look really lovely with a big red bow and some special little pick (both of which are reusable again the next year.)

Or craft paper, which would go into a compost pile. Again, big bow and perhaps a sprig of greenery or berries.

Or consider not wrapping at all. There are a variety of beautiful, sturdy boxes available these days that you can use year after year. Some simple need a lovely ribbon, others have ribbons built in. And best of all, these sturdy boxes make great storage during the rest of the year. Cherished ornaments, breakables, and ribbons will be well protected.

I found a blog that indicates it's okay to compost your wrapping paper, so that sounds like a good idea to me. Read it here. Don't forget to remove tape and any plastic ribbons and bows.

Speaking of ribbons and bows, it's raffia biodegradable? That'd be a great "garnish" for your gifts next year. Or any paper ribbon. Otherwise, recycle plastic, satin, or wired ribbons by using them again the following year.

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Morgan Mandel said...

I usually keep boxes and bows, but not wrapping paper. That looks too tacky.

I also love gift bags. Many times I just put some tissue paper inside with the gift and don't bother wrapping it. The bags are also usually kept by the person who receives them to give away to another lucky person.

Morgan Mandel