Monday, November 30, 2009

Removing Wax from a Table Runner

I'm trying one of Martha's tips for getting wax out of table linens. A candle had an accident on my pretty red table runner, so the iron and I are in the process of cleaning up said accident. These steps should work for most fabrics.

You'll need:

Paper Towels
Blunt tipped knife/object for gentle scraping

Step One: Remove as much extra wax as possible.

Step Two: Place the table linen and spot of wax on a stack of paper towels.

Step Three: Put another stack of paper towels on top of the wax spot and then place warm (not hot) iron on top of the paper towels. Leave it there for a minute at a time, then check for progress. Depending on the amount of wax, you may have to rotate or replace the paper towels as the wax soaks into them.

Can you tell where the wax was? (I can't either!)
Good as new

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