Monday, October 22, 2007

One of those days....

Perhaps I need to go back in time and set this up a bit so you understand where I'm coming from. For the past two years, DH and I have hosted a Halloween party for our neighborhood. The goal was to meet our neighbors, have a good time, and make the kids happy. (Note, we don't have kids.)

This year the HOA decides "they" want to take over the Halloween party. (Note, they didn't talk to me about their decision or anything.) Then they wanted to change the name. To a Harvest Fest. So it wouldn't be as "offensive."

Long story short, they gave it up b/c of lack of interest and no one stepped forward to run the whole show. (I wonder why?)

So DH asked if I wanted to take it back over and I said sure.

So last night, like I've done the past two years, I printed up invitations, rolled them up, tied a festive ribbon around them and put one on everyone's mailbox. All 40 houses. I was finally feeling festive. Finally getting back into the spirit.

Woke up this morning to.... rain. (Note: There isn't a smilie in the world with big enough eyes or would accurately catch my expression when I looked out the window.)

It hasn't rained in forever. We're in a severe drought. They say the whole city of Atlanta could run out of water by January. It's that bad. It was that unlikely that it'd rain and RUIN all my hard work.

So I'm debating whether I welcome the rain (which I really love) or am irritated (make that depressed) that my invitations are likely ruined.

Note to self: put them in the mailbox next time.

Another note to self: don't have a next time. No. More. Parties.

Yep, ladies and gents, this is what it looks like when an Invitation Fairy's spirit dies.

Happy Halloween.

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